For games based largely on luck, many players go to some extraordinary lengths to influence their outcomes by observing some rather strange superstitions! Most of us have personal rituals that we perform before a game, blow on the dice or carry a lucky charm but there are many more do’sContinue Reading

Because slots machines rely 100% on luck, the best strategy can take when playing them is not always dependent on doing things while the title is unfolding. A lot depends on the actions you take before you’ve actually chosen a video slot, selected a bet-size and decided how much toContinue Reading

Mobile and online casinos now give players access to poker 24 hours a day, in particular the variant Texas Hold’em. Before you start throwing money around, however, remember the golden rule of betting: only risk money you can afford to lose, and you’re betting for fun. Betting because you needContinue Reading

Casino gaming is a very popular pastime in Spain, making the country one of the most forefront world regions based on revenues generated by gambling. Due to this and to Spain’s popularity with tourists, there are over 40 land based casinos located throughout the country.Continue Reading