Quick Ways to Win in Slots Games

Because slots machines rely 100% on luck, the best strategy can take when playing them is not always dependent on doing things while the title is unfolding. A lot depends on the actions you take before you’ve actually chosen a video slot, selected a bet-size and decided how much to wager and how many paylines to activate!

Bonuses Are Your New Best Friend

At land-based casinos, players are motivated to spend their time playing games because of the bright lights, atmospheric buzz, great food, and well-priced drinks. Also, owners often show their appreciation by means of drinks coupons, free dinners and comped rooms, and even tickets to big entertainment acts.

Online casinos don’t have this luxury! You are playing for the most part from your own home, another hotspot for good food and cheap drinks, we hope! So, internet-based operators started offering bonuses to incentivise players to sign up for accounts at their sites and to keep them coming back.

There are many different types available, and almost all of them include Free Spins on top slots as part of the offer, so keep an eye out for those. Welcome, No Deposit, Reload, Refer-a-Friend, and Loyalty Bonuses, along with the great slots access and Free Spins they offer, are one of the most exciting elements of online gameplay.

Always Check the RTP Rate for Slots

The Return to Player rate for a game is the term that casinos users to describe the percentage that all of the money wagered on a slot will pay back to players over time. There’s a big range of percentages available, but we try to steer clear of anything under 96.5%.

If you are going for easy wins, that is! Games have a lot more to offer than just wins, and sometimes you may just want to have some old-school fun with a classic slot game that’s great fun but has a much lower RTP of 86%. Or you want to try for the next record-breaking Progressive Jackpot prize. Whatever you are in the mood for, follow your heart, as long as the decisions you’re making are informed.

Carefully Consider Your Betting Size

Conventional slots wagering wisdom preaches that you should always have the maximum bet possible in play. It’s a fairly simple rationale. Thanks to games featuring multiple paylines the way they do these days, having the highest stake in place when you hit it big means huge rewards.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that, thanks to Random Number Generator software, the chance of your winning will not increase when you raise your stake. RNGs have been put in place to ensure that all game outcomes are totally unpredictable.

That being said, always read the Fine Print and game rules before you start playing, because there are games that offer extra features when your bet is bigger. And in some, you’re only eligible for the main prize if you’ve got the top wager in place.