The Strangest Gambling Superstitions

For games based largely on luck, many players go to some extraordinary lengths to influence their outcomes by observing some rather strange superstitions! Most of us have personal rituals that we perform before a game, blow on the dice or carry a lucky charm but there are many more do’s and don’ts out there, depending on who you speak to.

The Colour Red

For the Chinese, red is the colour of joy and good fortune and many players are said to don their best red undies when gambling to improve their luck. Even in other countries, players may wear an item of red clothing as a lucky charm.

Craps – Number 7

In a Craps game, it’s thought to be extremely bad luck to say the number ‘7’ out loud as it will jinx your chances of being dealt one.

Craps – ‘Virgins’

It’s believed to be good luck to play with a woman who is playing Craps for the first time, but not a male ‘Craps-virgin’.

Craps -Dice

If one or both of the dice fly or fall from the table, you must retrieve them if you are continuing playing. If you play with a new set, your luck will turn.

Stay away from dogs

Apparently gambling in the presence of a dog should be avoided as it’s likely to bring bad luck. So while dogs may be man’s best friend, it may be best to leave yours outside for the game!

Mojo Bags

Gathering sentimental items, natural objects, herbs and minerals in a little bag to be worn on your person, is said to increase your chances of winning. It should never be seen or touched by anyone else.

Don’t use the main entrance

Many players believe that using the main entrance to enter a casino will bring them bad luck and so take great pains to find an alternative entrance.

Don’t cross your legs

While you may cross your fingers in the hopes of a desired outcome, crossing your legs when making a bet is thought to ‘cross out’ your luck and is to be avoided at all costs.

Pregnant Women

In the Philippines, it’s believed that pregnant women bring luck to the gambling table and players may rub a pregnant woman’s belly to up their chances.

Spotting a Hunchback

Of unknown origin is the superstition that spotting a hunchback on your way to gambling can indicate you’re about to hit a lucky streak.

$50 bills

Many American players believe that $50 dollar bills bring bad luck and refuse to even pay with them at a casino.

Indian grooming habits

In India it’s seen as bad luck to shave on Tuesdays, wash your hair on Thursdays or trim your nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Thai Medallions

In Thailand wearing a necklace with a symbolic penis medallion are thought to bring good luck; in gambling…and with the opposite sex.

Cursing the Roulette Ball

Many players believe in cursing the Roulette Ball before it stops spinning in the hopes of getting the result they hope for.