Take Secret-Agent Roulette Tips For A Spin

Think of the exploits of James Bond, the popular 007 character in the film ‘Casino Royale‘ released in November 2006, and you’ll immediately know why Roulette has a game strategy aptly named after him.

While Baccarat is James Bond’s favourite game, he was just as keen a player of Roulette.

Coined the “James Bond Roulette strategy”, his game plan is based on a system of flat betting – namely betting the same amount per spin repeatedly until you hit a winning streak.

It has been closely emulated by Roulette players the world over, made popular because it minimizes the risk of failure over long-term play rather than encouraging a focus on one life-changing win with bets that cover more than 67 per cent of the possible outcomes on a Roulette table.

Flat Bets Work Best

Before you start playing, remember you’ll be placing a flat bet: a wager of an even number – and that amount will be divided into three parts.

With James Bond https://onlinecasinosingapore.net/roulette/, you’ll need 20 dollars a spin. Divide it in three: 14, 5 and 1. Next, if you look at the scoreboard, visually divide it into four ‘blocks’. From right to left these are 19-36; the Line Bet: 13-14-15-16-17-18; 1-12; and 0. You’ll be betting on every number from 13 to 36. So 14 dollars will go on 19-36; 5 dollars on the Line between 13-14-15-16-17-18; and 1 dollar on 0.

“What’s the worst-case scenario per spin?” you may ask. You put in 20 dollars, land on 1-12, and lose 20 dollars. Knowing upfront what you’re prepared to invest in a session of Roulette spins, and seeing the investment as a fair return for the leisure and fun alone, will offset any disappointment should you land on 0-12.

Take Your Time And Win

And yet this negative feature in the game is what makes the wins in James Bond Roulette that much sweeter because when you’re down, the only way to go is up!  When you are on a winning streak, this is what you’ll win if the ball lands on any of these placements:

*19-36: 8 dollars

*Line Bet: 10 dollars

*O: 16 dollars

That’s 25 numbers covered.

If you were to play 25 rounds and each of the above numbers hit once, then you’d be looking at:

*144 dollars (8 dollars x 18 numbers)

*60 dollars on the Line Bet (10 dollars x 6 numbers)

*16 dollars on 0 (16 dollars x 1 number)

That’s a potential winning total here of 220 dollars a session!

However, if you are new to James Bond Roulette, try to only wager 1 to 2 per cent of your betting fund until you have a better vision of the game and are more experienced – just so you become accustomed to the nuances of the game.

Nevertheless, over the long term, you’ll come to see why James Bond Roulette’s flat betting system has earned the kudos it has, ensuring all who try their hand at it that they’ll never leave the casino empty handed.