Popular Versions Of Online Blackjack

Many games that you’ll find at the casino are pure luck of the draw. However, if you’d like to add a bit of strategic thinking to your thrills, then Blackjack is – without a doubt – the game for you!

As most regulars to the casino would know, the objective of Blackjack – at its most basic – is for the cards that you have in your hand to equal 21 and, most importantly, to beat the dealer. Another term for the dealer is the ‘house’.

What may be of interest to you is that there are a number of variations on how Blackjack is played. Keen to find out what these are so that you can spice up your outing to the casino? If you do, then carry on reading!

Classic Blackjack

This is https://canadianonlineslots.net/blackjack/ at its most basic. This version of the game is played with between one and eight decks of cards. There must be at least two people in the game (one player and the dealer) however the size of the game is limited to the number of people who can fit around the table.

In classic Blackjack, the dealer deals all players (including him/herself) two cards. One is face up and the other is face down. The dealer will go around the table, offering each one of the players a card. If they want one, they will say ‘hit’ and if they don’t, they will say ‘stay’.

The goal is for the players’ cards to amount to 21 or less. If the cards that they end up with exceed the value of 21, they are ‘bust’ and lose the game. (An ace is either 11 or one, and a king, queen or jack represents 10 points.)

One all players have decided to ‘stay’ they will reveal the total of their cards. If anyone of their totals exceeds the dealer’s they win.

Progressive Blackjack

This type of Blackjack is pretty much the same as classic Blackjack; however, the only difference is that the jackpot steadily increases.

European Blackjack

With European Blackjack, all players are dealt two cards which are placed face up. The dealer is dealt one card, which is also face up.

In much the same way as classic Blackjack, all players are invited to accept more cards, in order to reach 21, or they can stay. However, European Blackjack is a bit more thrilling as there is no big reveal at the end – you see straight away who has won or lost.

Only after all players are happy to stick with the cards that they have will the dealer dish him or herself out cards.

Out of all the tables on the casino floor, the Blackjack table is by far the one which is almost like a puzzle. And as we all know, there’s nothing more satisfying than solving a problem and coming out tops. Well, possibly solving a puzzle and winning a lot of money.