Play N Go Speed Cash Slot Review & Guide Online

Play N Go Speed Cash Slot Review & Guide Online

Fast cars, purring engines, hot ladies and fast wins have always been a popular theme to incorporate into slots as these elements add to the thrilling gameplay and create an action-packed experience with every spin.

Nothing gets slots players at the edge of their seats and glued to their screens than a slot that has engine roaring sound effects, dollar bills turning fast on the reels and bold, stunning car graphics. One such slot, which does all of this and more, is the Play n Go Speed Cash slot machine from Play n Go developers. As its name suggest, this slot is all about speed, fast action and speedy wins.

A Rear-view Look At This Slot

Looking back at this slot, as it has been on the market for some time, it’s important to slow your engine down, park the brain for a bit and read up on the slot before starting to spin the reels. This slot is one of Play n Go’s old-school slot machines and features three rows and 1 pay line. And just because gameplay and betting is simple, this does not mean the fast-packed action and in-game fun is compromised in any way.

The Play n Go Speed Cash online slot features an impressive progressive jackpot that continues to grow over time. Players cannot choose the coin value as it is fixed at a minimal 0.25 credit, but they can however choose to bet only one, two or all three coins depending on their budget. The maximum bet is placed at 0.75 credits per spin and if you’re attracted to the progressive jackpot like most high rollers are, then you’d better bet on max on the Play n Go Speed Cash online slot.

This slot, like most slots from this developer, features an auto spin feature where you can choose to play up to 50 automated spins and just sit back and enjoy the spinning action. However, if you choose the manual mode of play and click the bet button every time you want the reels to spin, then you’ll be delighted to hear the best gaming options sound effects of powerful engines revving and tyres spinning. One certainly must acknowledge the sound effects on this game, as they are most definitely the one defining feature that creates suspense and in-game immersion.

Fast Wins Every Time

To win fast, spin the reels and get the right symbol combinations from left from right. The symbols in question relate to the overall theme of the game and are not joined by the common symbols like playing cards. In this slot, players can find a red car icon, stacks of money, a gold bullion symbol, silver coins and other icons relating to money and cars.

The Play n Go Speed Cash online slot is all about the vehicle symbol which is the highest paying symbol in the game and the one symbol which assists players in retrieving that whopping jackpot. Get three of these red cars on the reel when betting on max and you’ve got the jackpot in your back pocket. Even getting two of these car symbols still rewards you with a decent payout.