Scratch Ahoy Online Scratch Card

Scratch Ahoy Online Scratch Card Described

Play n Go has been in the casino gaming world since 1997. This Swedish-based company has, over the years, released more than 90 gaming titles. These games can be enjoyed in 30 different languages, making them accessible to many players around the world.

This gaming developer has dominated the online slots realm and is now fast-becoming a frontrunner in the world of scratch cards. They have created some worthy online scratch cards so far and one of the most popular of these cards is the Play n Go Scratch Ahoy online scratch card.

Play n Go took the concept of scratch cards and lotto-type games and revolutionised them to render online. They then added different themes to these scratch cards and higher rewards for a truly enjoyable experience with every scratch of the seals.

An Online Scratch Card Defined

Like finding similar wagering options in the internet cricket betting comparing to land based option, online scratch cards are exactly the same as those you actually buy in a store – same look, same feel, same rewards with the only difference being that online scratch cards are online and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

No rules or strategies are needed with cards like the Play n Go Scratch Ahoy online scratch card and all players have to do is virtually scratch to win.  Scratching the certain points or seals on the surface of the card will reveal different prizes.

Hidden numbers or symbols are covered on each of the nine card points. After scratching off the covering, players need to land up with a certain amount of the same symbols or certain combinations to win a prize.

Just as you bet in an online casino game, with scratch cards like the Play n Go Scratch Ahoy online scratch card, there is only one wager placed and that happens at the beginning of the game when choosing an online scratch card to play.  Also, just as in other online casino games, the higher the bet the more the pay-out and the same applies to these cards as the higher the card value, the higher the rewards.

To get started with the Play n Go Scratch Ahoy online scratch card, all you have to do is find an online casino which offers this gaming product, then choose your favourite betting value and then click on the new card button.

Using the mouse cursor or your finger to swipe the screen, you can virtually scratch the card seals and see what you have won. It’s easy and fast.

A Look at Scratch Ahoy Scratch Card

A Closer Look at This Particular Slot

Play n Go Scratch Ahoy online scratch card is themed around exotic islands and the times of pirates and treasures. Every online card features a total of nine symbols. The symbols are hidden by seals and after scratching them, some of the themed symbols are revealed including a colourful parrot, a cannon, pirate swords, a pirate, treasure chest, golden coins and a pirate ship.

The player has to match three of the same symbols on one line to win. The winnings and prizes are shown clearly on the diagram, which is situated on the right hand side of the card for easy reference.