Gods Of Giza Slot Review & Guide Online

Gods Of Giza Slot Review & Guide Online

Golden artefacts, rich colours and precious jewels decorate the background and the symbols of Gods Of Giza, a digital slot title from Genesis Gaming. It is available for both online and mobile play.

The soundtrack is a high-energy mix of exotic strings, brass and percussion, with a haunting melody familiar from epic tomb-raiding films. Portentous chants and cymbal crescendos raise the tension when the reels are in motion.

An unusual feature of Gods Of Giza is the use of four reels instead of five, each displaying four symbols. The reels resemble great blocks of sandstone, set in a stone tomb wall adorned with friezes of hieroglyphics, and watched over by two ancient Egyptian goddesses.

There are 20 fixed pay lines, all of them paying prizes for three or four successive matching symbols starting on the leftmost reel. Bets can be varied from 1 to 1,000 coins per line, bearing in mind that betting on all 20 lines is compulsory on every spin.

Eight Basic Symbols

Gods Of Giza uses only eight ordinary symbols, four of them the Poker values J, Q, K and A like in many iPhone pokies. These are drawn in a curly stone font in green, red, blue and yellow, respectively. Prices range from 2 coins for three Js, to 50 coins for four As.

Four Egyptian gods make up the medium-value symbols: the falcon god Horus has the lowest value, winning 50 coins for three matches and 75 coins for four. The jackal god Anubis pays 75 or 100 coins, the goddess Isis pays 100 or 125 coins, and the living human god, the Pharaoh, wins the most: 125 or 150 coins.

Beautiful Wild can Score Big

The Gods Of Giza Wild is a beautifully wrought golden Scarab brooch, its wings of multi-coloured precious stones spread wide. Like all the character symbols, it animates with writhing sparks of energy and movement whenever it is involved in a win, such as whenever it substitutes for any of the other ordinary icons to complete a winning combo.

Three or four lines running from Reel 1 consecutively on a pay line also win prizes of their own. Gods Of Giza pays 150 coins for three Wilds and 250 coins for four.

Gods Of Giza Internet Slot

Ankh Scatter Triggers Rotating Free Spins

An intricately wrought golden Ankh is the Gods Of Giza Scatter; the only symbol for which the Wild cannot substitute. Combos of three or more Scatters, in any position, pay an immediate multiplier of the total bet, which can be as high as X14. Three or more Scatters also trigger a bonus round of 8 free spins.

These free spins incorporate a feature that Genesis debuted with Gods Of Giza: rotating reels. As the reels stop after each free spin, any wins on the pay line are calculated.

Then the 4X4 grid of reels pivots through 90 degrees, and the pay lines are re-applied to the new configuration of symbols, with any wins paid.

The reels rotate a third and then a fourth time, before returning to their original position for the next free spin.

So in effect, players get four shots at creating winning combinations from each of the eight free spins, or 32 chances to make winning pay lines in all.