Street Fighter 2 Slot Basics in Detail

Street Fighter 2 was an incredibly popular arcade game during the early 1990’s, and many of today’s online slots players will have fond memories of playing it from their childhoods. For those who don’t recall it, and are too young to have enjoyed it when it first appeared, the fighting games that have become so popular recently will have many of the same aspects, and these players will find a whole new way to engage in virtual combat action of this type, except in this case there are real money rewards at hand. Cryptologic has reimagined it as a five-reel, 25-payline online slots game, and its appeal is as great as ever.

Time Travel with Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 has a retro feel that will transport players right back to the irresponsible days of youth, with all the characters they knew and loved appearing in an entirely new format. They are brought to life by imaginative 3D animation, and even those who have no knowledge of the original game will find themselves immersed in the unfolding slots entertainment quickly.

Symbols for Street Fighter 2 Slots

The characters from the original game make up the symbols for the slots version, with two opposing characters appearing on either side of the reels to create the mood. Players are able to change these characters if they wish to, by means of the menu which appears at the top of the screen, and can make their selection from Ryn; Guile; Kyn; Sagat and Chunli.

M. Bison functions as the wild symbol for Street Fighter 2 as does the character selected by the player. These wilds will stand in for all of the other symbols in order to create winning combinations for players to take advantage of.

Playing Street Fighter 2 Slot Online

Unlike the arcade game version of Street Fighter 2, there is no joystick with which to control the action with this online slots game, and players will not be required to learn any complicated moves in order to defeat the villains on the reels and put some money in the bank. Players are simply required to decide how much they wish to bet, set the reels spinning, and sit back and await the outcome.

Bonuses on Offer for Street Fighter 2

Cryptologic online slots game developers have provided players with two bonuses to partake of, and one of these is the Street Fighter 2 logo which serves as a scatter and offers a substantially higher payout to players when it appears. There is also a substitute feature available, which requires the player to select one character from a choice of five. The ideal situation during this portion of play is for the character that the player has selected to land on the second reel, and M. Bison, also known as The Dictator, to land on the fourth. Should this occur the characters will begin a fight, one which requires no input from the player, and a bonus will eventually be awarded when the skirmish draws to a close.