Novomatic’s Caribbean Holidays Online Slot Game Reviewed

Everyone deserves a vacation from time to time and this is exactly what Caribbean Holidays slot from Novomatic is all about. With the theme of this game players will find themselves whisked away to a fun island getaway with all the associated aspects one would expect to find on such a trip. The presentation of this theme is aided by the decent graphics that allow the developers to adequately convey across an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity. But a slot game that’s all relaxation and no thrill is also not so fun, so Novomatic have included a few bonus features along the way to liven things up just a touch.

Taking a break from the vacation theme that this Caribbean Holidays slot supports and taking a look at the more crucial fundaments of the game, there is a set of 5 reels and a choice of up to 20 pay lines available. Additionally, and largely thanks to Novomatic being a top developer, there is a range of betting option in this slot too, with enough choice amongst this and the flexible pay lines to allow all sorts of players a competitive game. The bonuses to be found here are relatively simple and include the likes of a Wild, some Scatters and even a bonus game.

A Themed Vacation on the Reels

In Caribbean Holidays slot the idea is to kick off one’s shoes and relax in the sun for a bit of personal time and mental reconciliation. An idea similar to that of slot gaming, a factor players will undoubtedly appreciate. Whilst the symbols on the reels make the most headway regarding the specifics of this theme structure there are a few contributing factors in play that solidify this vacation style slot game. These include some sound effects that are rather relaxing and at the same time make a deliberate effort to draw attention to the reels and celebrate wins. The backdrop to this slot is also helpful to the theme structure but in more subtle capacity giving you the feeling of being on holiday in this slot game experience.

Rounding off the theme are the symbols on the reels of this Caribbean Holidays slot game and from the healthy mix of them players will be able to quite easily immerse themselves in the idea behind the theme. These symbols include beaches, cocktails, flamingos, dolphins, bikini clad girls and even a few hunky lifeguards.

Caribbean Holidays Bonuses on the Beach

In classic relaxation fashion this slot has a few rather subtle bonus features that don’t really require the players to exert much effort in pursuit of them as they are randomly triggered from the outset. The first of these bonuses include the Wild symbols, which in Caribbean Holidays is the lifeguard. This symbol can then switch out for other game symbols but also carries with it a sizeable jackpot for when these symbols land unchanged across a pay line.

The Scatter symbol in this Caribbean Holidays slot is the jumbo jet and can award some decent wins when hit on the reels. Additionally this symbol can trigger the free spins feature of this slot, with the potential of winning up to 45 free spins if 5 or more land on the reels. This is a considerable number of spins, especially if considering they can also be retriggered.