Blackjack Double Exposure Popular Online

The game of blackjack double exposure allows the player to see both of the dealer’s cards. Thanks to the fact that knowledge most certainly equals money in the casino game industry, this additional info allows players to enjoy a decided advantage when playing. There are other rule in play that work to offset this benefit somewhat, which are different from classic blackjack systems, and the manner in which they affect the outcome of the game needs to be understood in order to take full advantage of them.

Blackjack Double Exposure Widely Available

The majority of online casinos will allow players to enjoy a blackjack double exposure game when they wish to, although some searching may be required on behalf of the player in order to locate the game. It is sometimes listed as face-up blackjack or dealer disclosure blackjack, so players on the hunt for this variation should keep these other titles in mind when they start searching.

Information on Blackjack Double Exposure

The standard card deck size in online blackjack double exposure is eight. Both of the dealer’s cards are exposed during the game, so players are able to make bets based on the odds they are facing. In order to offset this advantage, blackjacks will pay out even money, one to one, instead of the standard three to two payout that players are used to. The dealer will also take the win when hands are tied, unless the player is holding a natural blackjack. Whether or not a dealer stands or hits on a soft 17 will depend on the online casino itself, as this rule is not written in stone and can go either way.

The blackjack double exposure games that some online roulette  casinos may even have tied blackjacks going to the player, or becoming a push. It is vital for players to make sure they understand this information before they register right here and play begins, however, as natural 21 hands will give players an automatic win with no risk attached –if the game requires players to make a choice it is important that he or she is able to do so correctly, with all the relevant information being taken into account.

The splitting rules for most blackjack double exposure games allow for this to be done once, and players are not able to double after a split at the majority of online casinos. Some casinos do not allow players to split like/unlike tens either –the ten cards; jacks; queens and kings are all treated as if they are different cards, and players are unable to split a hand containing a ten and a king or a jack and a queen. Players wishing to split would need to be holding two tens; two jacks; two queens or two kings in order to do so.

The rules on double-downs for blackjack double exposure will also differ greatly from one online casino to another, with some allowing players to double on the first two cards only. Other places will not allow doubling on the first two cards, or will allow it, but only on cards of a certain value.